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Foot, leg and back pain sufferers are rejoicing. So are runners, walkers, exercisers and all active people that depend on their feet to propel them daily. Gravity Defyer has developed the new VersoShock Trampoline Sole that has a miracle shock absorbing effect that eliminates pain from every step plus the added effect of propelling you forward reducing fatigue allowing much more exertion, longer walking and running sessions resulting in a much healthier and active lifestyle.

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Gravity Defyer ShoesHow Do Gravity Defyers Really Work?

Key Components:

The VersoShock Trampoline Heel Membrane - As your weight is propelled to the ground by gravity, the heel mechanism momentarily stores the shock and then releases the energy upward, so instead of your body absorbing this force it is returned to propel you forward.

The Smart Memory Master Spring assists the trampoline effect by containing the peak forces resulting in a smoother release of energy. The total smooth energy absorption and release of energy is due to the combined actions of the trampoline and spring effects. Other shoes have had one or the other of these components but did not deliver the same energy absorbing and energy releasing effect.

Twin Stabilizers - These provide unmatched lateral stability by that directs the shoe movement in a lateral direction and greatly reduces any side movement. Result is all momentum if directed in the forward direction.

Removable Comfort-Fit Insole - Super soft comfort next to the skin to eliminate blistering. The Insole can be replaced to accommodate any other orthotic inserts.

AVS3 Ventilation System - Takes advantage of the pumping action of the heel chamber to divert hot air from the interior which cools the foot, reduces moisture and cuts down on microbial growth and odor.

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